We cook traditional and imaginative Czech cuisine according to old recipes of our mothers and grandmothers. We bake our own bakery products, smoke sausages, make cheeses and use ingredients from local farmers.



Stop by during a walk, make a stop on a bike tour, or run from the biotope for something tasty and quick in the hand. During the summer season, we have an opened buffet with a covered seating area.



Knuckle of Pork with Bone

A pork knuckle as big as a log. Ha, ha ha. End of fun… Thing (and portion) for real eaters and foodies alike. A big piece of meat, fresh bread, mustard… And of course beer from Dalešice, fresh and it has a bite like horseradish!

Roast Tenderloin in Cream Sauce

Roast Tenderloin. Typical. Creamy. In cream sauce. With six. With four. Or eight dumplings? With bread dumplings. With Carlsbad dumplings. Smooth. Sweeter. Slightly sour. Soft. With cranberries. With whipped cream. From best quality ingredients. What else can it be? Almost any kind, but always delicious. We’d like you to try it, friends. Enjoy it!


Our pinwheel doesn’t twist in the wind. But our pinwheel is a cake, in English called a cream puff, and it usually disappears very quickly – in any weather, at any time of the day, night or year. Perhaps slightly immodestly, we dare say that it is simply a GREAT delicacy. For young and old… In short – sweeten your life with our cream puff!

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