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The information is collected to facilitate the booking process between the customer and the accommodation provider. To offer you additional services where you consent to such offers and/or to help us improve the process for future use.

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– To conduct or support the operation of the booking process

– The process of voluntarily registering a customer to receive our newsletter

– Statistical use of the system for possible improvements

– There is no other use of the information collected, in particular the information is never passed on to third parties without consent

Who has access to some or all of the information collected?

– The accommodation provider with whom your reservation will be made

– The provider of the website and booking form

– Authorised institutions

What access do we guarantee our visitors to the information we collect about them?

– Access to all the information collected is granted at any time upon request.

– If you believe that our website or systems have collected incorrect information or wish to dispute any information, please contact us.


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Cookies are small files that store information in your browser and are commonly used to distinguish individual users. However, a user’s person is not identifiable based on this information.

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– To ensure the correct functionality of our site, so that the booking process can be completed with the least possible inconvenience.

– To determine which pages and features visitors use most frequently.

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The cookies used on our site can be divided into two basic types in terms of their durability. Short-term “session cookies” which are only temporary and remain stored in your browser only until you close your browser, and long-term “persistent cookies” which remain stored on your device for much longer or until you manually delete them (the length of time cookies remain on your device depends on the setting of the cookie itself and your browser settings).

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– conversion cookies, which allow us to analyse the performance of different sales channels

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– remarketing cookies, which we use to personalise the content of ads and target them correctly

– analytics, which help us improve the user experience of our website by understanding how users use it

– Essential, which are important for the basic functionality of the site

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  1. A deposit of 100% of the price of the booked stay is required for the reservation. The reservation is confirmed upon payment of the required deposit.
    If cancellation of the reservation occurs between the time of payment of the deposit and:

    – 30 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is 50% of the deposit paid.

    – 29-15 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 80% of the deposit paid

    – 14 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 100% of the deposit paid

    1. In the event of early termination or interruption of the stay without fault on the part of the operator of the Slovácký dvůr complex, the latter shall not be obliged to refund the price paid for the stay or its pro rata part.
    2. The cancellation fee will not be charged if the stay is cancelled by the operator of Slovácký dvůr.
    3. Cancellation of the stay can be made by the guest and the operator of the Slovácký dvůr only in writing or by e-mail.

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